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Is There A War Mentioned In Psalm 83 For The Near Future?

This is the last of the psalms identified with Asaph.  He is identified with Psalms 50; 73-83.  It appears to be an imprecatory psalm, as the people call for God to put to shame those who were plotting against God’s people.  The writer wanted God’s name to be acknowledged in all the earth.  “That they may know that You, whose name alone is the Lord, are the Most High over all the earth” v. 18). There is widespread ...

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What Is The True Meaning of “You Are God’s” Psalm 82

The author of this psalm is Asaph but we do not know which one as we cannot determine the date when this psalm was penned.  It appears to be a psalm of instruction warning the people to whom it is written that God had found them guilty of judging unjustly.  The assembly of the “gods” has been interpreted in various ways: a rhetorical reference to false gods and their failing, a reference to angels failing in their responsibilities, ...

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Do You Pray For Revival? Psalm 80

This is another psalm of Asaph, but we are not certain which Asaph.  A number of scholars believe it was written around 722 BC when the Northern Kingdom of Israel was defeated by the Assyrians.  If this is true then the Asaph here could not have the one of David’s time but rather a descendant of his.  It is a psalm of communal lament.  It is a prayer of desperation!  These people had been used to having God’s ...

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Will God Take Vengeance On His Enemies? Psalm 79

This is a communal lament from Asaph.  These psalms focused on laments expressing deep sorrow for the travails of a nation and as a group asking for God’s blessing or intervention.  It is generally believed this psalm was penned after the Babylonians had destroyed Jerusalem in 587 BC.  It was a terribly dark time for the people of Judah.  They had suffered a military defeat, and the temple had been defiled and torn down and the city lay ...

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Do You Indoctrinate Your Children? Psalm 78

This is one of the Asaph psalms and was written for instruction. Opinions differ as to when this psalm was written.    Recorded for us is the record of the history of Israel from Egypt all the way to David and should sound familiar to us.  There are two things of primary importance: 1) the repeated disobedience and ingratitude of the Israelites, and 2) the recurring and unfailing mercy of God shown to the disobedient Israelites.  The writer is ...

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Are You Able To Stand In God’s Presence? Psalm 76

This psalm is specifically called a song and is attributed to Asaph.  Most commentators agree the psalm belongs to the time when God overthrew Sennacherib’s host before the gates of Jerusalem.  Charles Spurgeon wrote: “Faith in the 75th Psalm sung of victories to come, and here it sings of triumphs achieved.  It is a most jubilant war song, a paean to the King of kings, the hymn of a theocratic nation to its divine ruler.”  As one reads ...

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Do You Praise God As The Righteous Judge? Psalm 75

As you can see from the superscription this psalm is attributed to Asaph or one of his descendants.  God is presented as the One who judges with power and equity and is a terror to some, while He is also a comfort to others.  While there is speculation about the occasion on which this psalm was composed, it is not possible to determine the exact occasion.  While the congregation speaks and gives thanks for the fact that God ...

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Are You Prepared For The Lord’s Judgment? Psalm 96

This psalm is clearly celebratory because the psalmist calls upon the heavens, the fields, the trees, etc. to rejoice and to praise God.  Sometime during the moving and depositing of the Ark in Jerusalem, this psalm was sung (Cf. I Chron. 16). Whether David is the author or not, the important thing is that this psalm is a joyful hymn to the God of Israel as King and that it was an invitation to all the nations of ...

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Has God Given You Over To Your Own Stubborn Heart? Psalm 81

The view of Keil-Delitzsch is that Psalm 81 was for the first day of Nisan (a new moon and the start of the first month of the year) and the Passover (which occurs on a full moon later in Nisan).  This view makes sense, for v. 4-6 appear to associate the command to celebrate this festival with the time of the exodus. 

I believe that this psalm is a lament concerning Israel’s failure to be faithful to ...

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Will The Lord Reject Forever? Psalm 77

How would you describe the world we live in today?  Challenging, fast-paced, dangerous, unstable,  immoral?  The apostle Paul describes the last days as “perilous times” (2 Tim. 3:1).  What are the results of living in such a world?  The answer is stress!  We find ourselves many times feeling anxious and apprehensive about how the challenges of the world will affect us personally.  While the Bible does not specifically use the word stress, it does speak about such things ...

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