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Why Do Churches Have Bible Class

Welcome Back. We have Guy Roberson’s writing again. We will send these out on Monday of each week. Enjoy.

 The Scriptures describe local churches conducting regular meetings to worship God and study His Word (Acts 20:7; 11:26; 1 Corinthians 11:17-34; chap. 14; Hebrews 10:25).  This is because of the value of the Bible for every man, woman and child in the world.  Jesus said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not ...

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Important Message

Dear Friends,
The Elders at Walnut St. church of Christ in Cary, NC, where these devotionals originate from have asked me to put them on hold while they do an evaluation of the work and when we will continue.
I will let you know in a few days their determination. Thank you for being a recipient of “Daily Devotionals”
Terry L Clayton
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I Will Pour Out My Spirit

It was not originally my intention to write another article on the subject of “water” after last month’s post on rivers. However, there is a bit more to this topic that I would like to share. So call this a two-part series, or call it another article on a similar topic. I’ll be happy either way.

If you will recall, in Ezekiel 40-48 the prophet had a vision of a perfect temple from which a trickle of water flowed. That trickle ...

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Jesus And His Disciples

John chapter 6 contains a unique event. It contains the only miracle mentioned in all four gospels. So it seems to be extremely significant to the Gospel writers, and the Lord. Also, it is the only account where Jesus asked advice of someone else. Then, it is the only time Jesus performed a miracle before such a huge crowd. John 6 begins with these three words, “After these things…” When we read those words ask, “what things?” John’s account is ...

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Command, Example, Inference: How Jesus Reasoned from Scripture (Part 2)

In my previous article I began thinking with you about a commonly held three-fold formula for discerning God’s will in Scripture: commands, examples, and inferences. To many disciples, this hermeneutical approach is contrived and distorts Scripture into a law-code that in turn produces a very legalistic version of Christianity. My primary objective in this series is to follow the example of Jesus, especially in regard to the way He reasoned from the Scriptures. But before I begin looking at the ...

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Command, Example and Inference – How Jesus Reasoned from the Scriptures (1)

by Shane Scott

I grew up in a wonderful neighborhood with lots of great families. Since there were several kids my age on our street, summer nights were filled with all kinds of games. Kickball – dodgeball – baseball – you name it, we played it. The only problem that ever arose was when we disagreed about the rules. Was it three foul balls and you’re out or four? The worst arguments broke out when it appeared that someone was simply ...

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Our Adversary

Make no mistake, the devil is our adversary. One of our great failings is we fail to recognize him as the adversary. Because we don’t see him and don’t deal with him directly we are not as impressed with his adversarial powers as we ought to be. One of the great lies Satan has sold is that he is the most formidable adversary. Satan is no match for God! God is greater (1John 4:4)! Do not diminish the ...

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Jesus, Sinners and Holiness

Following Jesus is hard.  Not hard in that I do not see any reason to do it.  It is quite the contrary.  I am constantly drawn to Him.  But it is still hard!  I feel challenged each time I meet Jesus in the Gospels.  I am challenged to be more like Him.  A major challenge for me comes with Jesus’ relentless desire to associate with sinners.  How does this fit with the call to holiness and abstaining from sin?  In ...

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Truth Is Absolute

Pilate’s question of Jesus, “What is truth?” is the norm of today in our society. We live in a relativistic world. “No” sometimes means “No,” maybe, possibly, but not certainly. “Yes” may mean “Yes, perhaps, unless I mean no.” And, we certainly do not know what the meaning of “Is” is. Therefore, truth is what we believe the truth is.

Truth#1May I ask, “Are we, as human beings, really that dumb?” Do we ...

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If We Only Knew?

If We Only Knew?


You recall the account of Moses at the burning bush and how God commissioned him to return to Egypt and lead the Israelites out from there. At first Moses was, understandably, reluctant. “Who am I?” he said, to which God responded “I will be with you.” Moses was right, he was a nobody. But it was not Moses who would accomplish the release of Israel. God would do that. God simply wanted to ...

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