We Want to See Jesus: July 22–23, 2022

We Want to See Jesus: July 22–23, 2022

Is there someone you really want to see? A movie or TV star? An athlete? A public figure? What would you be willing to do to see them?

When Jesus was here on the earth, people wanted to see Him, for a lot of different reasons. Mark in particular tells us about people who came to Jesus so that they could be healed. There was a point at which Jesus couldn’t enter a city because if He did, he’d be mobbed by all the people wanting to be healed. Jesus taught among the Jews, but even non-Jews were looking for Him. Right before Jesus was crucified, a group of Gentiles who had come for the Passover festival told one of the apostles, “Sir, we want to see Jesus” (Jn 12.20–23).

Whenever people saw Jesus, they were changed. Some were changed for the better because they believed in Jesus and followed Him. Some were changed for the worse because they rejected Jesus. Join us on July 22–23, 2022 as we meet people who saw Jesus (whether they originally wanted to or not) and learn about the change that took place because of it. Kris Emerson from Lindale, Texas, will be speaking to the adults and middle and high school students. There will be classes for elementary age and younger.

Friday, 7/22 @ 7pm: Zacchaeus, the man you wouldn't expect to see Jesus (Livestream Link)

Saturday, 7/23 @ 10am: Saul, the man who didn't want to see Jesus (Livestream Link)

Saturday, 7/23 @ 11am: John, Andrew, and Philip, men who showed others to Jesus (Livestream Link)